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Forgotten Barnyard millet - 900g
Forgotten Barnyard millet - 900g

Forgotten Barnyard millet - 900g

Rs. 225.00
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Barnyard millets are tiny white, round grains belonging to the millets family. It is the fastest growing millet producing yield in 6 weeks and has the highest iron content of all the millets. They are grown on a small scale in India, Japan, China and Korea.

The scientific name of Barnyard millet is Echinochloa esculenta. This Siridhanya is known as Kuthiravali in Tamil, Odalu in Telugu, Jhangora in Hindi, Udalu in Kannada and Kavadapullu in Malayalam. 

The seeds are white in colour.

Barnyard millets are Non-GMO, native and indigenous grass species

  • They are naturally Gluten Free and hence very suitable for Coeliacs
  • They are Low in GI and hence suitable for diabetics
  • High in fibre content
  • Rich source of plant proteins
  • Barnyard millets have very good Iron content

Benefits of Barnyard millet:

  • Its fibre helps in increasing the efficiency of ductless glands such as pancreas, thyroid etc.,
  • helps in cleansing of liver & kidney. It is considered as an appropriate food for curing liver related diseases. For example, Jaundice.

How to cook?

Soak for half hour in water. Cook like rice in cooker. Rice can be replaced with millets in your staple diet, any rice dish can be made using Barnyard millets.


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Forgotten Barnyard millet - 900g

Forgotten Barnyard millet - 900g

Rs. 225.00