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We are a family based young start up from Bangalore. As a family, we are passionate about organic regenerative farming practices and follow these principles in our own “Prakruti Farms”.

In the recent times, the emergence of Green Revolution brought in predominately a monoculture based farming practice which led to the dominance of hybrid crops like white rice and wheat. The modern farming practice involves use of pesticides and chemicals abundantly, which not only degrades the soil, but pollutes water and reduces biodiversity. This has a direct economic impact on the farmers and our health and wellbeing.

Prior to the Green Revolution, the ancient farming involved growing bio diverse native crops organically without the use of any external inputs. The low costs, crop rotation and seed saving helped farmers to be self-sufficient. Millets were part of the daily diet and hence was grwon abundantly across India.

Millets are localley known by different names such as Siridhanya in Kannada, Siridhanyalu in Telugu, Sirithenaigal in Tamil and so forth. Each millet has a different name in every local langauge.

Our vision is to revive, preserve and promote these ancient millet grains which our land was blessed with and bring them back to the mainstream.


The brand "Forgotten Foods" - Ancient foods for modern well-being, was launched in January 2017 to offer millet grains, flours, instant foods and herbal drinks that are authentic and simply delicious.

Forgotten millets are nutri-cereals that offer many health benefits and are also earth and farmer friendly. They have been cultivated since thousands of years in our country and are resistant to pests and diseases, hence they are not dependent on pesticides or chemicals.. These amazing grains require very less water to grow and offer a solution to the food security of our planet.

We have been growing millet grains at Prakruti Farms since 8 years. 

Our family is into farming for the past 20 years and since past 8 years we are totally into regenerative organic farming.

We have a high biodiversity food forest with a wide variety of fruits, herbs, aromatic plants, vegetables and flowering species.


Prakruti Farms is also a host to a wide variety of wild birds and home to domesticated animals like native cows, dogs, cats, chicken, sheep and bees!





One can experience farm life at Prakruti Farms by booking our farmstay on Airbnb


Our aim is to provide the best natural foods and also inspire people to reconnect with nature, grow their own food by regenerative farming methods and live self sufficiently. 


We believe in the local food movement and support chemical free approach to agriculture. The native indigenous crops that nature has provided us through millions of years of evolution is far more superior in terms of nutrition, resistance to pests and tolerance to climatic changes when compared to the lab made Genetically Engineered (GE) or GMOs which also come along with a bundle of side effects.



    We believe in empowering the small scale farmers by encouraging them to grow  native local varieties of crops rather than industrially grown crops in a mass scale  and becoming overly dependent on big companies for seeds, chemicals and food supply. The old ways of small scale, high diversity, natural and organic farming is the way forward.


      We source and provide the best quality millet whole grains that are most suitable for human consumption. Our millets are double cleaned, size graded and colour sorted.


      Evolving Further 

      We have made it easier for everyone to consume millets by making it in ready to cook format. The authentic recipes from South India are just easy to cook and simply delicious!!

      We believe in providing the most natural food and hence do not use any chemicals. You can be rest assured that our instant foods have no preservatives, no chemicals, no artificial and added flavors.



        Our company Startdesi Products Private Limited is recognised by Startup India DPIIT program and Startup Karnataka programs.


        Currently there are 2 directors in the company Startdesi Products Pvt Ltd: Raja Varun and his wife Nethra Balraj