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Healthy eating is easy

Does this sound like you? You're not alone! But, healthy eating doesn't have to be this difficult.

Healthy eating is about getting back to the basics

We’ve made all-natural, nutrient-rich foods (known as superfoods today) super tasty and super easy to include in your daily diets. Our instant breakfast foods are loved by kids and adults alike.

We think health and taste, both come first! That’s why all our different products are packed with nutritious and natural ingredients, along with unique mouth-watering flavors.
no preservatives, no artificial colours or flavours We don’t believe in anything artificial. All our ingredients are all natural, sourced from local farms. 
vegan and gluten friendly All our products are vegan-friendly. So, add your vegan curd or milk and savor the goodness! Our products are naturally wheat & gluten-free, so you can feast guilt-free!
eco friendly packing As you start your journey of conscious eating, why not start living consciously too? All our packaging is recyclable. So with every pack, you’re not just getting healthier, but also eco-friendlier!


plesantre is a family owned brand

Explore our new range of products:

Ragi & Chocolate Idli

Kids favorite breakfast!

Super Grain With Superb Taste.

Jaggery Not Sugary 

Packed with the goodness of Ragi and the taste of chocolate, our Ragi & Chocolate Idli is sure to become your kid’s go-to meal!

The divine sweetness of the Ragi & Chocolate Idli comes from jaggerya natural sweetener rich in vitamins and minerals.


Carrot & Beetroot Idli

Un-beet-able combo of nutrition and taste!

Made with real carrot, beetroot, red rice and love, our Carrot & Beetroot Idli is a nutrition-packed meal with a delicious taste!

The immunity boosting carrot keeps our bones and gut healthy, and aids weight loss. Beetroot, an excellent source of fibre, is known for improving blood flow, lowering blood pressure and increasing exercise performance.


Protein Dosa

Plant based protein-packed, delicious dosas!

Loaded with plant protein sourced from nuts, seeds, lentils and sprouts, our Dosas are a perfect for a low carb diet!

Goodness of Healthy fats & Millets

Our Protein Dosa is loaded with healthy fats sourced from almonds, peanuts, watermelon, pumpkin and jackfruit seeds.


Spinach & Moringa Dosa

Healthy greens with a tasty twist!

Super Foods With Supreme Taste

Made from the healthiest green leafy vegetables, our Spinach & Moringa Dosa is a perfect balance of health and taste!

Loaded with proteins from lentils such as black gram, Bengal gram, pigeon peas, green gram and peanuts, this dosa packed with nutrition.