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Forgotten Little Millet Whole Grains - 900g
Forgotten Little Millet Whole Grains - 900g

Forgotten Little Millet Whole Grains - 900g

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History: FORGOTTEN FOODS Little millet is also called as king of cereals because of its rich nutrition content. It is a very reliable crop in view of its resistance to pests/diseases, to adverse agro-climatic conditions of high drought as well as water logging. It was grown throughout India and is a traditional crop of South India. 

Names: The scientific name of Little millet is Panicum sumatrense. Known as Siridhanya Saame Akki in Kannada, Sirithenaigal Samai Arisi in Tamil, Siridhanyalu Samalu Biyam in Telugu and Sridhanya Kutki Chawal in Hindi. Sometimes it is also known as Sama, Saama, Saamalu, Samak, Vrat Chawal in certain regions across India.

Looks: The grains are small, round in shape and dull white yellowish color in appearance

Benefits of Forgotten Little Millet Whole Grains:

- It is high dry insoluble fiber 
- They are naturally gluten free
- It is a good source of plant proteins
- High in anti-oxidants and phosphorus
- Low in GI and hence suitable for diabetics

Little millets are sometimes consumed during fasting and dieting times since time immemorial in India.

Little millet grains may be a complete solution for issues related to reproductive systems. While it may repair ovary related issues and hormonal imbalances in women, it may improve the reproductive strengths in men.

Nutrition of Little millet:

Below is the nutrition chart of Little millet for 1 serving of 80 grams:

How to cook?

Soak FORGOTTEN FOODS Little millet in water for half hour. Cook like rice in cooker. Rice can be replaced with millets in your staple diet, any rice dish can be made using  millets. You could also cook porridge, sprinkle millets over salads and soups.


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DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. The above mentioned benefits are common community folk knowledge in India. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The result may vary from person to person.

Forgotten Little Millet Whole Grains - 900g

Forgotten Little Millet Whole Grains - 900g

Rs. 300.00