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Calcium Bomb - The Forgotten Finger Millet

by Raja Varun |

The Forgotten grain Finger millet or commonly called as Raagi has the highest Calcium content found in any grain in the world.

Finger millet or Raagi has a Calcium content of 300-350 mg/100g.

This might be a reason why it is fed to babies and growing children - to provide Calcium for the growth of strong bones.

Another reason is that it is very easy to digest. The digestive system of babies would be still developing hence Raagi wouldn't be a burden for the system.

Raagi is an exception amongst millets since it is high in GI (Glycaemic Index) and gives instant energy. Whereas all the other millets are low in GI.

How did our ancestors know this knowledge about a simple grain like Raagi?

Scientific research has now proved all the above facts and it is time for us to reintroduce this grain into our staple diet and imbibe their health benefits.

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