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The Nutrious Forgotten Foxtail Millet

by Raja Varun |

This ancient forgotten grain is a hub of micro and macro nutrients, minerals, fibre and protein.

Foxtail Millet was grown in ancient India rampantly until rice cultivation took over it's place. Historians say that Vijayanagar Empire started promoting cultivation of rice so that farmers become dependent on the irrigation system and in turn pay taxes to the Empire.

Whereas millet was a rainfed crop and they couldn't impose any tax on such a crop that wasn't using their irrigation system.

This culture was mimicked by many other kingdoms and later on by the British in India.

In this way we lost touch with one of the most nutritious grain in the world.

Foxtail Millet has got the highest content of Zinc found in any grain in the world. It's low in carbs, high in fibre and protein. It is also rich in Phosphorus, Magnesium and vitamin B12.

It is low in GI and hence good for diabetics and gives energy for a sustained time period.

The forgotten foxtail millet has many health benefits including improving gut health, gastric problem, cardiac health, skin and hair growth.

Start your millet journey and be a part of reviving this ancient forgotten grain.

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