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by Raja Varun •

forgotten foods

Little Millet - The Ancient Forgotten Food Grain

HISTORY: Little millet is also called as king of cereals because of its rich nutrition content. It is a very reliable crop in view of its resistance to pests/diseases, to adverse agro-climatic conditions of high drought as well as water logging. It was grown throughout India and is a traditional crop in India until the recent green revolution took over and  NAMES: The scientific name of Little millet is Panicum sumatrense. Known as Siridhanya Saame Akki in Kannada, Sirithenaigal Samai Arisi in Tamil, Siridhanyalu Samalu Biyam in Telugu and Sridhanya Kutki Chawal in Hindi. Sometimes it is also known as Sama, Saama, Saamalu, Samak and Vrat ke Chawal in certain regions across India. BENEFITS: Diabetes - This forgotten food has high amount of dry insoluble fiber, it is low in GI, digests slowly and releases glucose to the blood stream in a regulated manner and hence suitable for diabetics.Gluten Free: This grain is naturally gluten free and hence very much suitable for gluten intolerant people and coelics. Protein: Little millet is a good source of plant proteins. It has a protein content of 8-10g per 100g which is much higher than white rice which has around 2.5g per 100g.High Fiber: The forgotten Little millet has a fiber content of 7.6g per 100g which is much higher compared to white rice which has around 0.2g of fibre per 100g of grains. This helps to keep your gut healthy. Make sure to drink more water so that the fibre and any toxins will get flushed out.Nutrition: The cereal grain is rich in micro nutrients like Magnesium, Iron and Niacin. Other benefits: Consuming Little millet regularly may help to reduce cholesterol levels in your body, improve heart health, aid weight loss, regulate hormones and thyroid. COOKING: Soak FORGOTTEN FOODS Little millet in water for an hour. Cook like rice in cooker. Rice can be replaced with millets in your staple diet, any rice dish can be made using millets. You could also cook porridge, sprinkle millets over salads and soups. BUY LITTLE MILLET NOW BUY NOW ON AMAZON   Try our other products MULTI MILLET MASALA DOSA BUY NOW BUY NOW ON AMAZON   BUY MILLET UPMA NOW CONTAINS NO RICE, NO WHEAT, ONLY MILLETS Follow us on Instagram